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Dual Head Stethoscope

Dual Head Stethoscope

by A&d Medical

Purple Dual Head Stethoscope

Latex-Free Tubing
sturdy Chrome-Platedbinaurals
fully Rotatingaluminum Chestpiece
extra Ear Tipsand Diaphragm Included

Lifesource Stethoscopes Offer Practical And Affordable Auscultatory Technology To Physicians, Nurses, Students And Others. Latex-Free Tubing Protects Patients And Medical Professionals From Allergens While Providing A Durable And Reliable Measurement Tool. Fully Adjustable Stainless Steel Binaurals With A Choice Of Ear Tip Styles Provide Comfort And Enhanced Sound Transmission. The Rotating Chest Piece On The Dual Head And Sprague Rappaport Stethoscopes Allows Flexibility In Distinguishing High And Low Frequencies. Lifesourcemd Stethoscopes Are Available In Four Tube Colors: Black, Navy, Purple Or Hunter Green.



Price:$12.48 by 1 EA

Dual Head Stethoscope

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